About us

About us

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January 1, 2013


About Kiwi Immigration & Education Consultants limited

Kiwi Immigration & Education Consultants Limited (Head Office) are located in Auckland “The City of Sails” of the North Island ,Suit 2 16Queen Street ,Papakura-2244,New Zealand. We are one of New Zealand’s most reputable Immigration Consultancy, Specializing in migration of all aspects to New Zealand and it was established in 2008 .It Provides assistance to International Students and migrants through all immigration needs, Reliable and most up to date information related to New Zealand’s all type of visa applications.

Over the years KIEC has built up a solid reputation of being one of the most reliable educational agencies, and is well known for its successful authenticity and professionalism. Also the Staff’s ability to simplify things for the students and the step-by-step process to work with students is amazingly crafted and always brings fantastic results.

The vast variety of services KIEC provides from in-depth information about the College / Institutions all the way to visa guidance, which has averaged at well over 95% over the last few years, always gives a strong sense of confidence and certainty to the students that they are in safe hands.

Once a student decides to work with KIEC, he is initially given all the information he requires at that moment. The students are made aware of the Academic programs available in New Zealand. They are given detailed and updated advice on every aspect of education, right from finding the right course, tuition fees, living costs, applying for a student visa as well as details on part-time employment.

The KIEC team, which consists of well-trained professionals, joyfully assist each student in making the right decision in selecting their desired course at an appropriate Institution, so that they can receive exactly what they came for and eventually flourish, fulfilling all aspirations and goals.

We accept nothing but the best from ourselves, and from the students who are accepted under the KIEC fold. Our point of difference is being able to offer clients access to accurate information and high quality support services while they are in New Zealand. This makes us possibly the only organization to offer extensive ground support to Indian students through personal involvement and understanding of their individual needs.


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