Our Managing Director

Our Managing Director

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August 11, 2015

We at KIEC welcome you to a new exciting world of opportunities which is a leap forward in the career counseling and education process. I am happy to share with you that our mission at KIEC is engaged in providing most reliable information and best colleges for education abroad since more than 8 years. The services and facilities being provided by KIEC are better managed through personalized career counseling which can help you choose the best study destination abroad. KIEC is a multi-platform consultant and education service provider which integrates career counseling, education services and visa filing.

The Managing Director of Kiwi Immigration & Education Consultants Limited – Mr. Gurjinder Ghuman, has 10 years experience as an Immigration consultant He has in-depth knowledge and practical skills relating to the current policies of the New Zealand Government’s Immigration Act. He has extensive experience in both areas of Temporary and Permanent Entry policy. As a further commitment to maintain our level of honesty and integrity, We are proud to be a fully registered member of Immigration advisor of New Zealand, New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment (“NZAMI”) and India New Zealand Business Council.

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