Our Pluses

Our Pluses

By: admin

August 11, 2015

1. Information on NZ education system and institutions – Seeking the right institution and a course can be stressful, time consuming and costly if students pick an irrelevant one! Our philosophy is to provide prospective students with comprehensive information on the type of institutions, their courses on offer and its relevance to them. Our institutions are deliberately selected and they are among the best in their respective fields.
2. Assistance with admission and visa process – Prospective students are shown tuition options and living costs in New Zealand to enable them to make an informed decision about their chosen study. Once a student decides on what he/she would like to do we then coordinate their placement in an appropriate institution. We provide students with a checklist of documents required for their student visa application and arrange for their collection and lodgement with immigration authorities.
3. Orientation and pre-departure briefing – Prior to a student leaving for their higher studies we provide offshore orientation for them and their parents. The aim is to ensure that proper induction both onshore and offshore has given students a full understanding of their new country, its people and culture, and the impact it will have on their daily life.
4. Recreational and social activities – Cultural experience is a vital part of making sure that students overcome homesickness and feel supported. For students coming to Wellington we organise a range of extra curricular activities and social events such as barbeques, visit to cultural and historical places and outdoor sports. Through these activities students get a great deal of opportunity to enjoy New Zealand and make global friends.
5. Reporting and keeping in touch – We also publish newsletters on industry updates, student activities and other relevant matters at least twice a year. We maintain continual communication with our students and also check to ensure their progress and wellbeing in their new environment. We can also facilitate a visit for parents wishing to visit their children in New Zealand.
6. Student counselling and support services – Our students can contact us practically any hour of the day to raise any issues or problems that they encounter and they know that they will get a prompt response. We also offer free and confidential counseling service to our students on a variety of issues such as homesickness, cultural shock, time management, diet and nutrition, keeping work and study balance to help them find their way around and adapt to their new environment.
7. Permanent Immigration – Many students who finish their qualifications in New Zealand wish to apply for Permanent Immigration. With our strong industry connections we can put them through appropriate licensed advisors who can provide for the explanation of various immigration and settlement procedures to those interested and assist them with their residency applications.
8. Free Airport Pick Up, calling card and complimentary meals on arrival – Imagine arriving in New Zealand and there is no one to meet you at the airport and take you to your accommodation. We ensure that you are met at the airport and taken to your accommodation at no cost to you. We also provide for complimentary calling card and meals on arrival – this is our way to welcome you and thank you for doing business with us!
9. Internships and assistance with employment – We can guarantee internships for all Study Plus students who have completed their studies in New Zealand through our strategic partners. Our team is quite proactive in building industry relations and we can also assist capable and qualified students in finding relevant employment through our extended business networks and associate business NZIBN.

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