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August 17, 2015


The KIEC staff, which is a group of highly trained individuals, has over the long years of their service gathered much experience and expertise in the field of guiding and counseling students. Being fully acquainted with all the New Zealand Universities / Institutions, they smoothly and effortlessly guide the student through the entire Admission and Visa process. Also, all the personalized counseling and detailed information the students receive from KIEC is absolutely free.



KIEC assists the students with the accommodation arrangements in New Zealand. This can be a terrifying task for the student; something with consumes tremendous energy and patience. This is something KIEC understands, so they make the process very simple and straightforward. Based on the student’s budget and further individual needs, the precise accommodation is selected and suggested to them.



At KIEC, we have always believed that our service should not automatically finish the moment our students depart from the country. We extend a helping hand towards them even after they are settled in their chosen New Zealand College and try to deal with the problems they are facing. Whether the problem is personal, social or educational, we try to do whatever we can to help our students says Gurjinder Ghuman.



The preparation for the visa is a complex process and much goes into it. KIEC helps students prepare their Visa application in as short duration as possible. KIEC ensures that the aspiring student has all the pre-requisites to meet the requirements of the New Zealand High Commission. A complex and time consuming process it might be, but KIEC has had a success rate of over 95% with visa approvals, and continues to maintain the same level of proficiency and mastery, as it evolves and moves into deeper avenues of success.



KIEC helps students with travel arrangements and assists them in arranging foreign exchange. They also assist students with Insurance coverage and many other smaller details, which arise as a student is preparing to leave for New Zealand.

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