Spoken English

Spoken English

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October 3, 2015

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English Speaking Courses

Spoken English – Base Level (Duration 100 hrs)
For beginners who have little or no understanding of English language & face difficulties even in creating small sentences in English.

Basic concepts of English grammar.

Improving vocabulary.

Formation of sentences.

Framing questions & replies.

Conversational English: basic role plays

Self introduction.


Spoken English – Advance Level (Duration 100 hrs)
For people who understand English to an extent but cannot converse in English fluently & are hesitant in speaking English.

Grammar review, prepositions, tenses, modals etc.

Advanced vocabulary.

Complex sentences – active passive voice, conditional sentences.

Phrasal verbs and idiomatic language.

Group discussions, declamations & extempore.

Enhancing listening skills through audio visual aids.

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